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Who maintains the water equipment at my residence?

As a general rule, the District maintains, repairs, or replaces the water meter as well as the box in which it is housed. Please contact the office as soon as possible to report a problem. If a repair or replacement is required due to negligence of the homeowner, the District will charge a fee for the repair and/or replacement work and the customer will be billed accordingly.  Each customer should use reasonable care and diligence to keep the meter and meter box free from dirt due to mole infiltration as well as protect the water meter and meter box from loss or damage by traffic hazards, landscaping obstructions, and other causes. 

It is very important the District has free access to the water meter and meter box for routine maintenance and meter reading. Customers that allow impediments (e.g., dirt in meter boxes, plants, trees, fences, structures, etc.) to restrict access will be charged the actual cost of removal of those impediments.