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Rivergrove Water District Master Plan


Below you will find the District's last updated Water System Master plan.  Every water system is required to have a Master Plan that will extend out for 20 years in the future.  In the ORS statutes there are requirements that make up the Master Plans.  A professional Engineer is required to do the plan and make sure these requirements are in the plan.  Then when it is complete the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program reviews the Master Plans and either approves them or gets back to the water system with a list of recommendations.  Also in Section 7 of the plan you will see the recommended Capital Improvement Projects for the District.  These are the projects that the District is saving all rate increases for at this time and also applying for the Safe Drinking Water Loans to secure funding to complete the projects.  Some of the projects like the Seismic Improvements to Reservoir #3 and exterior and interior painting are so costly by the time the District saves enough money to do the projects inflation costs have made the projects cost more than the District has saved.  So the bottom line is that with a Interest rate of 2% from the SDWLF it makes no sense to not apply if we meet the criteria.  At this time we have applied for a $991,000 SDWL and will be matching that with $200,000 of District saved funds.

Attachment V B-RGW Water System Master Plan.pdfAttachment V A-Map of Water System Service Area.pdf