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Rivergrove Water District Master Plan

Every water system is required to have a 20-year planning document to project water system needs. This is called a Master Plan. The Master Plan requirements can be found within the ORS statutes. The Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program Division reviews the Master Plan; they will approve it or send it back to the respective water system with edit recommendations. In Section 7 of the plan, you will see the recommended Capital Improvement Projects for the District. These are the projects the District implements appropriate rate increases for and secures additional loans or grants to complete the projects. Some of the projects like the Seismic Improvements to Reservoir #3 as well as exterior and interior painting of the reservoirs are so costly, that by the time the District saves enough money to do the projects, inflation costs for these projects cost more money than the District originally budgeted for. Loan opportunities from the Safe Drinking Water Loan Fund makes sense with the low interest rates they offer. Below you will find the District's last updated Water System Master Plan. 

Attachment V B-RGW Water System Master Plan.pdfAttachment V A-Map of Water System Service Area.pdf