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Our Water District

The District is situated in Clackamas and Washington County serving 1,383 service connections which includes approximately 4,200 customers in four jurisdictions. Those jurisdictions include the Cities of Lake Oswego, Tualatin, and Rivergrove, and unincorporated Clackamas County.

Our District is bounded on the South by the Tualatin River, Riverbend and Barton Road on the East, Jean Road on the North, and 65th Avenue on the West. The area within the District is approximately one square mile.

All of the water supplied to our customers is from three wells:  Well 1 is located on Old Gate Road, Well 2 is located on Hilltop Road, and Well 3 is located on Olson Court. Our water is stored in three reservoirs: two at the Hilltop Road site and one at the Olson Court site. In our 1 square mile District, we have 15 miles of pipeline, 113 fire hydrants and 1,383 meters. We have two pressure zones denoted as the Upper and Lower systems.

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