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What should I do if there is a leak at my home?

First, turn off all the water both inside and outside your home. Make sure there is no water usage while you check the meter. If the dials or hands are turning, water is going through the meter. This would indicate there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

Before calling a plumber, check the toilets with this simple test. Put a few drops of food coloring in the water tank of your toilets. DO NOT FLUSH. Wait for 15 minutes and then check the bowl of the toilet. If there is food coloring in the bowl, then the tank is leaking and the leak will need to be fixed.

The customer is responsible for repairing and maintaining the water lines between the meter and their home. If a leak occurs on “your side” of the meter, you are responsible for repairing that leak. In addition, any extra water registered through the meter due to a leak on “your side” will be billed at the standard rate. The District has a leak adjustment credit for those customers who qualify. Contact the District office and speak with our General Manager for details and the necessary forms to apply for the leak credit if you have a leak on your side of the meter and have proof of the leak repair.