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What if I need to shut my water off to fix a leak?

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The District has a curb stop that shuts off each meter. It takes a special tool to turn off this curb stop. If a customer uses this stop and turns it off with a crescent wrench or any other type of tool it could result in damage to the curb stop. When the curb stop is damaged the entire main has to be shut down in order to fix it. This would put some or all of your neighbors out of water for a time and create a great deal of inconvenience and expense.

That is why the District requires customers to install a master shut-off valve, as close to the meter location as practical. The master shut off valve controls the entire water supply from the service. Operation by any customer of the curb stop in the meter box is prohibited. If you damage a curb stop, you could be liable to the District for the associated reasonable expenses incurred for repair of the curb stop.

If you would like your water meter off during business hours to do repairs or to install a master supply valve please call the District office and our staff will do a meter shut off. It is of utmost importance that the homeowner locates or installs a master water supply valve. As most of us know water pipes breaking or basements flooding usually don’t happen during business hours and even if they did you can’t afford to waste precious minutes.