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What are water service charges and fees? How often will I receive a bill?

The rate that applies to most of our customers is for a 3/4-inch water meter. For this sized meter the bi-monthly rate is as follows: a service fee of $38.66 and a water usage fee of $3.11 per 100 cubic feet. (There are approximately 750 gallons of water per 100 cubic feet.). Larger meters have different rates and the rate schedule for these meters is available at the District office. 

A meter reading service reads the meters every 2 months. Between these current meter reads and the previous meter reading is the 2 months use of water. District staff processes that information and then generates your bill. Bills are mailed out approximately the 20th of February, April, June, August, October, and December. The due date for these bills is the tenth of the following month. (For example, bills sent out around February 20th are due and payable on the 10th of March.) Customers whose accounts are not paid are considered delinquent and risk having their water turned off and additional fees charged to their water account to turn their water back on. 

Miscellaneous Fees. The following fees are charged to customers for delinquent accounts, continual account delinquencies, water service dispatch fees, NSF check processing, and clearing impediments grown around and blocking the meter:

Type of Fee Amount
New Account Deposit $50.00
Service Delinquent $10.00
Delinquency Notification $15.00
NSF Check Processing $25.00
Stop Payment Fee Actual Cost from Financial Institution
Trim Actual District Costs, Minimum of $25.00
Shut off Lock Destruction Fee $100.00
Dispatch Fee (Turn On Services, Business Hours Only) $25.00
Restoration / Replacement of Water Meter Removed $50.00