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Rivergrove Water Leak Adjustment Policy Updated

When I first came to Rivergrove, when a customer had a leak and consequently had a very large water bill, they would inquire at the District office if they could get a break on their bill.  Our ordinance did not allow that so our answer was in fact NO we can't.  Through the year's that's changed.  First, we changed it to allow a credit with requirements of returning the required form with proof of repair, and then the District would calculate the leak credit with a limit of $200 and apply it to the Customer's account. Well, then some customer's had some very big leaks that seemed to just dive underground and there was no sign of water anywhere.  So we adjusted our rules once more.  In the last couple of months the Board and staff have spent a great deal of time on leak adjustments, including looking at what other water systems do and comparing what we do.  To make a long story short the Board has moved to bring our leak adjustment policy in line with what we hope is a fair and just policy not only for those who have leaks, but for our other customers in reining in our lost water expenses.  I am attaching below our new and updated leak credit policy and form so that hopefully this will help clarify any questions our customers have when they have a leak and a big bill to follow!  DJ Ezell, Water District Manager

2017-04 RGW LEAK ADJUSTMENT POLICY.pdfRivergrove Water Leak Credit Request Form -8-30-2017.pdf
May contain: sink faucet, indoors, sink, and tap