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Rivergrove Water District Budget Committee

At this time there is only one other Committee for Rivergrove Water District but it is oh so important.  This Committee is the budget committee. The Budget Committee is comprised of 10 individuals.  The first five members are our Board of Commissioners.  The second five members are citizens within the Rivergrove Water District that have been appointed by the Board.

Here are our current members:

Commissioners-DeVries, Roth, Patterson, McDowell, and Johnson

Citizen Members-Chair Rich Refvem, Secretary Sylvia Smith, Members Brian Gerritz, and Peter Klabe.  At this time we have one position that has not been filled.  It's easy.  The Committee has only one or possibly two meetings per year which is in the month of May.  If you are interested let me know! 

Thank you,  DJ Ezell