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Reservoir 3 Project

On April 14, 2020 the District broke ground on a Capital Improvement project for Reservoir 3. Reservoir 3 is our largest reservoir servicing the majority of the Rivergrove Water District. This project was initiated to retrofit our reservoir to meet current standards of safety. Improvements will include seismic upgrades, water main replacement and slope stabilization of the site. This $2.3M project was funded under a loan and the contract was awarded to Emery and Sons Construction Group.

The project is scheduled to be accomplished in three phases with completion projected for late summer 2021. You may notice construction vehicles moving in and out of the reservoir site...a good sign progress is being made. Some of the work will require cooperation from our Oregon weather including ground stabilization and painting the reservoir to prevent corrosion. We hope our customers will not be inconvenienced during the construction period. Once completed, this upgrade will allow our District to provide customers clean, safe drinking water for many years to come.

Reservoir 3 Progress.mp4