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Rivergrove Operators are Professional

Water Distribution Certification is necessary for Operators working at Rivergrove Water District.  DJ is a Water Distribution 2 and Water Treatment 2 State of Oregon Certified Operator. 

Just lately the Association of Boards and Certification has institued a new program called Professional Operators which offers more challenges to pass the Certifications in this.  Brian started the movement at Rivergrove because he saw the National Recognition that was given to Professional Operators at the AWWA organization.  So he talked with me and in his discussion he said don't you think Rivergrove Customers would appreciate knowing they have a "Professional Operator."  Of course I was taken aback a little and said what do you think we (Rick and DJ) are chopped liver? Anyway that didn't deter Brian.  On his own he took the steps necessary to become a Professional Water Distribution 1.  So I thought a little later, especially because they were offering a refund of application fees, to try for my PO Water Distribution 2.  I hadn't taken a test like that in a while and it really challenged me but I passed and am now a PO Water Distribution 2.  So just to let our customers know we have 2 Professional Operators at Rivergrove and in perspective that is  2/3rds of our Operators being Professional Operators-couldn't talk Rick into it so close to retirement.  And in Oregon there are only six Professional Operators and we have two.  Pretty good I would say!        DJ Ezell, Water District Manager

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