Rick Ezell, Lead Operator

Rick has worked at Rivergrove Water since 1997.  He is a major player in all of the progress that Rivergrove Water has made to date.  He does all of the District construction inspection of developers , telemetry design, and overseeing District projects.  He has the knowledge on the water system and how it works, how to do main repairs, and service installation, and has spent most of his years here on 24 hour on call to water emergencies. 

Enjoying Golfing

Rick has an Associates degree with honors from Clackamas Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from Concordia University.  He is a certified Water Distribution 2, Water Treatment 1, and Cross Connection Specialist and Tester.

During his time off he likes to do amazing wood working projects some of which he has donated to the Pacific Section AWWA Water for People Silent Auctions at the Conferences.  His future plans are to do woodworking, go golfing, and raise bulldog puppies!

Toy Truck Donation
May contain: wood, plywood, and machine
Trailer and Backhoe to go with
May contain: pants, clothing, apparel, denim, jeans, and puddle
What is considered a bad day at the office!
Making sure everything is done right!