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CUSI 2.0 Bill Pay System

Upgrade Details

One of the new features of the 2.0 version requires all customers to re-register their account with their account number AND either a phone number, social security number or tax ID number associated with the account. Since we don’t store SSNs or tax ID numbers in the customer’s CUSI accounts, customers are trying to use their telephone number. 

The problem is that CUSI only recognizes one telephone number.  If a customer provided a home phone, a cell phone and a business phone when they initially established their account through us and then try to log on using their cell phone, CUSI rejects the login because it only recognizes the home phone number as the correct number. Unfortunately, there is no way to correct this new feature in 2.0.

If you are having a problem with your phone number, please call us at (503) 635-6041 to update it!

A secondary issue with 2.0, is a customer cannot use a saved link or a favorite.  They must go directly to the website. Version 2.0 is a web application not a phone application. It will work on a browser with a phone, but is subject to the challenges of web-based issues using a phone. 

CUSI recommends using the Quick Pay feature if a customer wants to use their phone which will then require them to enter their credit card each time they make a payment because the Quick Pay feature doesn’t store it. 

CUSI recommends customers log onto AutoPay with a computer, register their account, create a password and store a credit card into the web account. This way when customers go to pay their account in the future, they would just select the card they have stored.