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Chlorine Shortage and Local News

The Oregon Health Authority has contacted news agencies notifying them of a chlorine shortage which directly impacts public water and treatment facilities.  Westlake Chemical, located in Longview, Washington, supplies chlorine to most of the Northwest.  Unfortunately, the Westlake facility has experienced electrical failure and cannot supply chlorine.  They are expected to be back in production by June 28th, although supply disruptions may take several weeks to resolve.

As a customer of the Rivergrove Water District, we use a very small amount of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect our water.  We currently have a sufficient supply on-hand to maintain our normal demand.  If needed, we can also modify operations and use our chlorine generators (e.g. where we make our own). 

The cities of Tigard and Lake Oswego are notifying their customers through local news agencies to conserve water.  While water conservation is always in fashion, we wanted to assure you your water is being processed as usual and is safe to drink.

Please contact the District office at 503.635.6041 if you have any questions.